Many of you are always looking for something to help increase either your energy levels or add some sort of substance to your life. Maybe your looking for a little relaxation or you need help to kick a habit. Whatever the case is, Kratom is something you definitely should give a try.

What is Kratom?
Kratom is derived from an South Asian plant and can be consumed in a number of different ways. It can be consumed by eating the leaves directly from the plant, or taking the leaves and boiling them to make a tea. Another popular way is to extract the leaves into a fine powder that is available for human consumption as well.

Many people digest kratom for several different reasons. The majority of the reasons is for the pain relieving effects that this plant offers. The next reason would be for the energy that is provided when an individual consumes kratom. Finally some people are able to use kratom in replace of a recreational drug that they may be used to.

Kratom is often compared to providing the same effects as one would get from the use of opiates. However, kratom is not as habit forming unless they are using the actual leaves itself. Once the leaves are taken out of its original form, it loses potency than if consumed as a leaf.

Many cities across the world have kratom bars, that individuals can get together and enjoy their kratom tea. Kratom has the potential of being an abused substance, and it is not yet known the exact dangers of this substance. This is why in certain areas around the globe, this is something that is banned and not FDA approved.

Use Kratom the Right Way for Intended Purposes

1There are two basic facts you need to know about kratom. Basically, you need to know what the powder will do when taken at low doses and also when consumed at high doses. The following is not a comprehensive, scientific study of what kratom will do. Rather, all that is provided is some general info based on a number of sources. Anyone wishing to know more about the effects of kratom should perform their own research into the subject.

That said, here is some basic information.

Low and High Doses of Kratom

Reports indicate that low doses of Kratom have a stimulating effect. Those looking for a caffeine substitute may opt to use kratom. As higher doses, Kratom has been noted to present a sedative effect. Individual results may vary since different people have different metabolisms and body chemistries.

Reading the Directions on the Packaging

The directions for suggested use on the packaging for kratom powder or capsules should provide insights on how much to use and for what desired effect. Following the suggestions on the packaging is a must if you want to use the product as directed. Never go outside any suggested boundaries for the safe use of the product.

Anyone interested in buying and using kratom definitely should familiarize him/herself with the supplement before trying it. There are numerous good sources well worth reading. The more you know about a natural supplement, any natural supplement, the more able you will be to use it the right way.

You also get the most out of your monetary investment upon using it correctly. Why waste any of it?


1Discovering the Joy of Kratom

If you haven’t heard of kratom, don’t feel alone. The tea has been enjoyed in Thailand for thousands of years. However, it’s still quite new to the English speaking world. And given the hectic pace of that world, many would say that this relaxing tea has come at just the right time.

What is kratom?

Kratom is the common name for a plant which grows in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The plant itself is visually unremarkable. What sets it apart is the fact that it produces a number of psychoactive chemicals. As such, ingestion of the plants at the correct dose will create a pleasant state of enjoyable relaxation. The most common traditional method of ingestion is leaf chewing. Around age 25, one is considered mature enough to chew the leaves. And this enjoyable pastime will typically last one’s entire life.

Another method has become more popular over the years though. And this is kratom tea. It’s fairly simple to make. Basically one simply needs to boil kratom and then drink the resulting tea. The kratom can be either fresh, or dried for preparation. In either case, the end result is a tea which has a unique but not unpleasant taste.

One of the more interesting aspects of the plant is that it’s in many ways analogous to coffee. It’s not really seen as a drug, despite containing psychoactive chemicals. Coffee produces a mild but enjoyable burst of energy. Kratom produces a mild but enjoyable state of relaxation. In many ways, the addition of kratom to one’s lifestyle can be seen as a nice way to balance out the other side of the equation.

Kratom Tea

1Kratom is in the same family as the coffee tree, and has been used for centuries by the people of Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.

What Is Kratom Tea Used For?

Kratom tea acts as a mild stimulant and should be taken in small doses. Individuals who have to stay up for hours or complete rigorous activity can take more of the supplement to receive more of its effects. Some people also report that kratom tea can produce a more relaxing effect when taken in high doses.

Kratom tea is also used for weight control and to manage anxiety symptoms. Some people drink the tea to boost the mood and promote an overall sense of well-being.

The energized feeling one gets from kratom tea tends to last for four to six hours, depending on the individual. In most cases, the more tea a person drinks, the longer the effects will last, but this is solely based on genetic makeup.

How to Make Kratom Tea

There are several methods for preparing kratom tea. The most common method is boiling 50 grams of kratom leaves in a liter of water, removing the leaves and drinking the tea. The leaves should be boiled in water for about 15 minutes for maximum effectiveness. The leaves can be squeezed to remove excess moisture and placed back into the water two or three times to make the tea stronger.

Of course, the more kratom leaves that are used in the recipe, the stronger the tea will be. Fifty grams of leaves will produce the strongest form of the tea. For a milder tea, use between 16 and 25 grams of kratom leaves.

Kratom Tea

powdered green teaKratom tea is a very popular tea that has started getting a lot of attention recently. This tea has been called the tea for recovering drug addicts. It is a completely legal tea that can give people the feeling that they might be on drugs. It is great for those who are looking to wean themselves off of drugs and not go cold turkey.

Where does one find Kratom tea?

Kratom tea can be found in many different online stores. There are some health food stores in your local area that may carry this tea as well. Finding this tea online is a very simple thing to do with the right online searching. It is simple to find a great online store that will offer this tea at great prices. You will not have to look long to find an online store with great deals on this tea.

What are the benefits of drinking this tea?

This tea can be very healthy for individuals who are looking to quit drugs. Tea is naturally very good for you, and it is obviously much better to drink tea rather than to do drugs. For those who are looking to kick their drug addiction, this tea can be a great companion. Rather than taking prescription medication and individual can use healthy natural remedies to keep them moving forward in their battle against drugs. For those who are looking to get off drugs, it will not be easy, but this kratom tea will help the battle seem much less daunting.

How Do You Trust a Product’s Kratom Effects?

1Kratom is becoming wildly popular and many are trying out this unique and novel substance from southeast Asia. Kratom tea, in particular, is known for its amazing ability to calm and relax the mind. Of course, in order to get the best kratom effects, you want to purchase a high quality brand. A little consumer diligence is required to achieve such a result but the efforts are surely going to be worth it.

Avoid Those Cashing in on a Fad

Do you want to save yourself a lot of time and misery? Do not purchase from those fly by night companies that just happened to magically appear on the landscape offering kratom products. Since the benefits of kratom effects are proving to be very popular among more and more people, interest in purchasing kratom increases. Therefore, new companies pop up on the market offering very weak products. Simply put, they see kratom use as a fad and they want to get in on the game. Do not buy from these sellers. Look to purchase from those who have been selling kratom for a while. Most importantly, purchase from those with a good reputation for offering a quality product.

Check Out Reviews

The best kratom effects come from the best product. There are quite a number of reviews available to peruse. Message boards are loaded with personal anecdotes about particular products and name brands. Check these out before you make a buy. No one is a more reputable source for a recommendation than your fellow consumers. Read what they say about a brand before making a purchase.

Kratom Effects

kratomKratom is member of the coffee tree family. The leaves of the kratom tree have been used as a natural medicine for centuries by those in Southeast Asia. Kratom, as a tea or extract, is most often employed to safely treat certain ailments and nervous conditions. More importantly, kratom abates harmful opiate addictions like heroin abuse. Kratom has the unusual property of alternately being a stimulant like coffee but also a sedative.

Low Dose Kratom Effects

The lower doses of Kratom are called the stimulant level which produces a state of mental alertness like its coffee cousin. Plus, kratom provides physical energy, making physical labor much easier for some. Dieters claim it helps to curb appetite and improve their exercise regimes. Natural medicine enthusiasts use the extract to treat diarrhea and dysentery at the low dose level. Those who use the extract at low doses find they are more friendly and talkative in social settings.

Higher Dose Kratom Effects

Unlike coffee, higher does of kratom have less stimulating effects mentally and physically. Physical and emotional pain becomes diminished, anxiety vanishes, and those who take the extract at a higher dose enter a calm state of relaxation which some find quite euphoric. Many people use Kratom tea for meditation and creative purposes at the higher dose.

Kratom effects usually last about six hours or so depending on the dose and the individual using it. Most people who take Kratom claim to experience no ill side effects besides some sweating or skin itching. Sometimes mild nausea is indicated which is abated by lying down until it passes.

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