4 Powerful Effects That Kratom Has On The Body

drink teaDue to the abundance of successful experiences that many users have had with Kratom and have posted online via forums, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are beginning to experiment with this wonderful plant as well. From a higher level of motivation, heighten attention, to a reduction in anxiety, in this brief article, we’ll take a look at 4 of the most powerful kratom effects.

Enhanced Concentration

One of the most reported kratom effects that many users have claimed to experienced is a higher level of focus. Many people have proclaimed that the white and green strains of Kratom specifically, have been highly effective when it came to counteracting brain fog. College students have also said that it made them more attentive in class, which had a profound effect on their academic performance in the long run.

Natural Anxiolytic

One of the more interesting effects of kratom is that it is categorized as an anxiolytic. Said in simple terms, an anxiolytic is anything that has a sedative effect on the nervous system. As such, many people use this as a potent relaxant that can help to procure an overall feeling of euphoria as well to reduce anxiety.

Natural Pain Reliever

When kratom was used traditionally, it was used for its purported analgesic effects. Modern research has since demonstrated that there is some truth to this ancient belief. Research suggests that kratom activates specific opioid receptors within the brain similarly to that of morphine. One these opioid receptors have been activated, the affected individual will be able to gain a certain degree of relief from pain such as muscle pain, chronic pain, migraines, headaches and even arthritis related pain as well.

Sexual Enhancer

Many users have also reported that it has helped to enhance their sexual lives as well. Reports vary, but have all proclaimed that it heighten their arousal levels and prolonged their ability to last longer.

Types of Kratom Treatments

drinking teaKratom is a type of leaf from a tree that grows primarily in Southeast Asia. Over the years the leaf has been harvested for medicinal purposes, and has been used as a homeopathic remedy. Kratom has been known to help combat chronic pain among other health issues. When it comes to purchasing Kratom its not as easy as just going to a health food store and finding Kratom then purchsing it. Not only are there different types of straings of Kratom but also different ways in which the plant can be consumed.

Types of Kratom Strains

Kratom comes in d8fferent potent strengths. Perhaps the most common type that is available to consumers is known as Bali and is perhaps to lowest potency of Kratom. As for the most potent type of Kratom, its not widely available to the consumer. This type has been known to be sedative and is mostly used in the Asia region.

Ways to Consume Kratom

As for the types of ways Kratom can be consumed, there are a few of these as well. One of the most commmon is through a capsule that an individual can purchase. Another way is through a tea and in an extract form. These can be purchased in most health food stores and online. Keep in mind though that some forms of Kratom will be purer then others in their preparation. This is another thing that a consumer will have to look into before purchasing.

Side Effect of Kratom

As with anything being consumed in the body be it a drug or even a supplement there will be some side effects with Kratom. Some of the side effects a person should look out for are nausea and vomiting. However, there is also a chance of an allergic reaction, some individuals who are taking other medications may discover that Kratom interacts with this medication. Its always advisible to talk to a physician before taking kratom, even if it is natural. Natural doesn’t always mean safe for everyone.

The Buzz About Kratom Is The Latest Buzz About Getting a Buzz


The Buzz About Kratom Is The Latest Buzz About Getting a Buzz

The latest buzz that is catching on with the 20 something scene and causing concern for the police is a substance known as kratom. Kratom is a tree with its origins in Southeast Asia. The attraction of kratom is its leaves, which when chewed or gnawed on induces a very enjoyable buzz or euphoric effect. It’s the latest rage at all types of parties, coffee bar,s and festivals, where at present, is legal to consume in the United States. The kratom tree leaves are also dried out and pulverized into a powder, which is a convenient to add to coffee or juices.

Though legal in the United States, kratom is not a legal substance in Thailand, which has been the case since 1943. It is utilized as an alternative to botanicals opiate, as it contains no opiates but is similar in nature in attaching to the brain’s receptors. The Thai government is giving due consideration to overturning the prohibition of kratom, as there is significant value as a detoxification product for addicted individuals.

Kratom delivers a feeling of happiness and heightened awareness, that’s much longer than a regular cup of java. Just catching on in the Unites States, there is much clamor for the leaves, though the overall safety, and long terms effects, are becoming a cause for concern, as there isn’t much research on its impact within the human body.

Much like other products that deliver euphoria, kratom is available online, in addition to head shops, and tobacco lounges. Consumers are advised to exercise common sense with kratom.


Kratom Uses And Purchase

1A well-kept secret

Kratom leaves have been used in their native Thailand for over a thousand years as a high-powered, natural pain reliever. It has gained attention in recent years as online vendors have presented it for both its pain relieving and relaxing properties. Many folks today enjoy kratom in the form of a soothing tea or as a liquid extract that can be put into any beverage of choice. The end result is a blend of the natural kratom that Thailand residents once picked from roadsides and consumed while they were working. The question people have before they dive into kratom, though, is whether or not it really works.

Most people report good results with kratom

Kratom is sold in many different forms and has become a popular “over-the-counter” remedy for pain. When taken in the right amounts, kratom acts very much like a narcotic opiate but without the harsh side effects associated with those drugs. Rather than endure the possible addiction of strong pain relievers, it’s worth trying. Although it’s still not a popular offline remedy, thousands of people use kratom every year and swear by its painkilling properties. These properties allow people to skip over the pain of doctor-prescribed painkillers that often lead to more trouble than just pain, and instead opt for a soothing herbal remedy like kratom that is less likely to lead to addiction.


Many kratom vendors happily offer samples of different kinds of kratom so that customers can decide which work best for them. These samples are free except for shipping and handling.

The Dangers That Are Associated With Anxiety Related Prescription Medication And The Benefits That Kratom Has To Offer

1Unfortunately, many people who have anxiety believe that the only way they can alleviate their symptoms is through the utilization of dangerous prescription medication. And while it may be true that these prescription medications do a good job at providing anxiety relief, in most, if not all cases the side effects that they cause outweigh the benefits that the user receives.

Health Impact Of Prescription Medication

To put things in retrospect, lets take a look at the most prescribed drug that is used to provide anxiety relief, xanax. Some of the side effects that are associated with xanax include:

  • Intense physical and mental addiction that many drug addicts proclaim was worse than being addicted to heroin.
  • Memory loss
  • Seizures
  • Uncontrolled movement of the legs.
  • Vomiting of blood
  • Hearing loss
  • Diminished mental and physical activity

Safer Alternatives

Fortunately however, there are a few natural ingredients out there that provide anxiety relief without the risk. kratom has been hailed by many anxiety sufferers as being one of if not the most effective natural ingredient that has helped them with anxiety.

How Kratom Works To Relieve Anxiety

One of the reasons why people display physical signs of anxiety is that many anxiety sufferers have a hyperactive nervous system. As such, they are more prone to physically responding to stress, such as difficulty walking and breathing, constant fidgeting and worrisome thoughts. What makes kratom such an effective natural anxiety reliever is that it is categorized as a anxiolytic sedative that when consumed, essentially relaxes the nervous system. With a relaxed nervous system anxiety sufferers are less likely to experience physical symptoms of anxiety whenever they are in a stressful situation.

Some of the other benefits that are associated with this substance includes:

  • Chronic pain relief
  • Migraine relief
  • Depression relief


pure teaWhat Is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia and is used for medicinal purposes. Its botanical name is Mitragyna Speciosa and it is in the family of coffee trees (Rubiaceae). Kratom has not been evaluated by the United States Department of Agriculture and is illegal in some countries.

The Medicinal Use Of Kratom

Kratom is used to manage chronic pain because it behaves like a mu-opioid receptor agonist inside the human body, much like morphine. The psychoactive ingredients in kratom are the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Depending upon the levels of each alkaloid in the specific strain of Kratom, it could act as a sedative or a stimulant. Kratom leaves can be eaten naturally, dried and ground for tea, or crushed into a powder to be capsulized. A low dosage will act as a stimulant and a high dosage will produce sedation.

Categorizing Kratom Strains

There are three distinct features that are used to categorize the different strains of Kratom. The color of the central vein, the grade, and the strain name. The color of the central vein can be red, green or white. The color usually indicates the effect of the Kratom. Reds tend to be calming, while green and white tend to be stimulating. The grade refers to the potency of the Kratom which depends upon the method that was used to harvest it and the alkaloid content of the tree. And the strain name correlates to the origin of the harvested Kratom tree.




Many of you are always looking for something to help increase either your energy levels or add some sort of substance to your life. Maybe your looking for a little relaxation or you need help to kick a habit. Whatever the case is, Kratom is something you definitely should give a try.

What is Kratom?
Kratom is derived from an South Asian plant and can be consumed in a number of different ways. It can be consumed by eating the leaves directly from the plant, or taking the leaves and boiling them to make a tea. Another popular way is to extract the leaves into a fine powder that is available for human consumption as well.

Many people digest kratom for several different reasons. The majority of the reasons is for the pain relieving effects that this plant offers. The next reason would be for the energy that is provided when an individual consumes kratom. Finally some people are able to use kratom in replace of a recreational drug that they may be used to.

Kratom is often compared to providing the same effects as one would get from the use of opiates. However, kratom is not as habit forming unless they are using the actual leaves itself. Once the leaves are taken out of its original form, it loses potency than if consumed as a leaf.

Many cities across the world have kratom bars, that individuals can get together and enjoy their kratom tea. Kratom has the potential of being an abused substance, and it is not yet known the exact dangers of this substance. This is why in certain areas around the globe, this is something that is banned and not FDA approved.