kratomKratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a substance that comes from certain trees in Asia. It can be used in many ways for stimulating effects, as well as narcotic effects. In Thailand it is chewed by laborers to help ease the pain during work. It is similar to coffee with it’s stimulant effect.

It also effects opioid receptors in the body which is why it also has a narcotic effect, which leads users to feel euphoric, which can lead to addiction if greatly abused, and then withdraw symptoms can set in on users. While new users can begin to feel the kratom after 2 grams, more experienced users can use up to ten grams in one use.

There are many ways the kratom can be consumed. Eating it, while it takes longer to feel the effects, it does last longer with the effects. It can be boiled down into a tea, or you can boil it down again to make an extract for storing.

Kratom also has several medical uses in Asia and other surrounding countries. To help with coughing, diarrhea, pain and stomach issues. It has similar, though notably less, effects of morphine, which is why the kratom is considered an analgesic to doctors who utilize it.

Kratom can also help with opiate withdraw and addiction since there is opiates in the kratom itself, so it can be used to help detox opiate dependent patients, and can be used as a substitute for opium and other opiates. Users also say kratom helps increase their sex drive, and they will use it prior to having sex to increase their performance and lengthen their time having sex.


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