Kratom Tea

1Kratom is in the same family as the coffee tree, and has been used for centuries by the people of Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.

What Is Kratom Tea Used For?

Kratom tea acts as a mild stimulant and should be taken in small doses. Individuals who have to stay up for hours or complete rigorous activity can take more of the supplement to receive more of its effects. Some people also report that kratom tea can produce a more relaxing effect when taken in high doses.

Kratom tea is also used for weight control and to manage anxiety symptoms. Some people drink the tea to boost the mood and promote an overall sense of well-being.

The energized feeling one gets from kratom tea tends to last for four to six hours, depending on the individual. In most cases, the more tea a person drinks, the longer the effects will last, but this is solely based on genetic makeup.

How to Make Kratom Tea

There are several methods for preparing kratom tea. The most common method is boiling 50 grams of kratom leaves in a liter of water, removing the leaves and drinking the tea. The leaves should be boiled in water for about 15 minutes for maximum effectiveness. The leaves can be squeezed to remove excess moisture and placed back into the water two or three times to make the tea stronger.

Of course, the more kratom leaves that are used in the recipe, the stronger the tea will be. Fifty grams of leaves will produce the strongest form of the tea. For a milder tea, use between 16 and 25 grams of kratom leaves.