Kratom Vein Information


Green, Red and White

Kratom comes in more than just three veins but the most common are green, red, and white veins. These labels of course apply to the color of the vein for a particular kratom plant. There are certain properties that accompany each different color of kratom strain and these colors will help determine what kind of experience you get when using kratom.

Red vein

The most common characteristic of a red veined kratom is that it will be more sedating. If you want relaxation, red strains are the way to go. For many novice users, it’s impossible to judge what kind of effects they will have because kratom experiences vary widely by user and dosage. Even one additional gram can take the experience from stimulating to calm. Remember that less is more when dealing with red veins because they can be highly sedating at higher doses.

White vein

White is the color of energy in the kratom world. There are many different varieties of kratom but if you see a white strain, you’re usually going to experience a lot of uplift from your dose.

Green vein

Green is for those who like to experience both upper and lower spectrum effects of kratom. You can get something of a happy medium between calming properties and stimulating properties. Green strains aren’t usually as popular because they tend to be less extreme than other veins of kratom but for some people this is exactly what makes them useful. Some people don’t want to feel the extreme high of a red or white strain. They just want to sit back and relax while still maintaining focus and energy. Green veined kratom leaves will accomplish this happy medium and keep you awake during the pleasantness.


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