What is Kratom?

1Kratom is a plant that grows naturally in Thailand. People have used it for thousands of years to help them work long hours in the field. It’s known as nature’s over the counter pain reliever. It wasn’t until it became a big hit overseas that kratom gained its infamy and notoriety as an “opiate substitute.” This didn’t sit well with anyone who has come to demonize opiates. They are heavily regulated in the United States and the country fights opiates like it fights wars: With a lot of violence. The drug war isn’t pretty. Fortunately for the most part, except online kratom has managed to stay out of the limelight. It quietly does its job as an effective pain reliever and mood booster.

Questions about kratom

Whenever any new substance hits the market and becomes popular, questions arise about it. Is it safe? Is it addictive? The truth is that if you take any medication daily, you’re going to come to depend on it and your body will know when it’s gone and react accordingly and sometimes not well. However, kratom is usually well tolerated by most of the people who take it and they report that kratom is much less addictive than opiates, if addictive at all. This is a Godsend because to some people kratom works about as well as prescription opiates. Drug companies obviously don’t like competitors, especially unregulated ones, so people are often faced with the possibility of kratom bans. Nevertheless, kratom remains legal in all but a few states. You can walk right into a gas station, cigarette shop, or online vendor and purchase it for yourself without any kind of legal consequences. Compared to prescription opiates, which are terribly hard to obtain, this is a Godsend to those in pain.