Kratom Effects

kratomKratom is member of the coffee tree family. The leaves of the kratom tree have been used as a natural medicine for centuries by those in Southeast Asia. Kratom, as a tea or extract, is most often employed to safely treat certain ailments and nervous conditions. More importantly, kratom abates harmful opiate addictions like heroin abuse. Kratom has the unusual property of alternately being a stimulant like coffee but also a sedative.

Low Dose Kratom Effects

The lower doses of Kratom are called the stimulant level which produces a state of mental alertness like its coffee cousin. Plus, kratom provides physical energy, making physical labor much easier for some. Dieters claim it helps to curb appetite and improve their exercise regimes. Natural medicine enthusiasts use the extract to treat diarrhea and dysentery at the low dose level. Those who use the extract at low doses find they are more friendly and talkative in social settings.

Higher Dose Kratom Effects

Unlike coffee, higher does of kratom have less stimulating effects mentally and physically. Physical and emotional pain becomes diminished, anxiety vanishes, and those who take the extract at a higher dose enter a calm state of relaxation which some find quite euphoric. Many people use Kratom tea for meditation and creative purposes at the higher dose.

Kratom effects usually last about six hours or so depending on the dose and the individual using it. Most people who take Kratom claim to experience no ill side effects besides some sweating or skin itching. Sometimes mild nausea is indicated which is abated by lying down until it passes.

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